Saturday, 24 May 2014

Time for another Coffee Table

This coffee table is HUGE! it's 3ft square and really heavy the wood on the top is nearly 2 inches thick!
I had to sand down the top which was no problem and didn't take long at all - but there were marks and a lot of wax on there, which soon disappeared once I got cracking with the sander!

I removed the top from the base as I find this much easier for painting and for Laura to work on the graphics. - a good tip is to always number parts when you take out screws - I use chalk to mark the numbers - it's easy to see and can be rubbed off easily when you have finished your piece.

As this table had so much wax on it I decided to use Autentico Chalk Paint again - I had plenty left after my last project Autnentico Chalk Paint to the Rescue  and I knew it would soak up and cover over the old wax residue.

Laura has done a fabulous job on the graphic - yet again! she is so clever and has such a steady hand - it looks amazing! We used The Graphics Fairy as usual.
I have projects stacking up now and will post as soon as they are done.

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  1. I love this style of coffee table, with the shelf underneath. I wish I had enough space in my living room for a coffee table, but I think it would feel too overcrowded.
    Great makeover, the graphic is amazing, your daughter did such an fantastic job !