Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Shutter Gray Milk Paint Bathroom Project

Soooo....we moved into our new house just before Christmas, as soon as the decs had been taken down we set to work in the bathroom. About the same time I found this cracking little cabinet on eBay, which I just knew would fit perfectly into the space I had in mind for the basin.  I knew I would be using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for this project although the colour was yet to be decided.  The first problem I encountered were the numerous coats of paint, which were clogging up the detail on this piece.  So I set to work removing old paint, I had to use paint stripper, I must have gone through 3 different brands in the end, but finally after about 2 weeks I managed to have it ready for painting in the meantime my very dear friend David (Davey Wavey) cut out the centre for the basin, I was too scared to undertake the job just in case I got it wrong!

Once all the old paint was gone the next step - (my favourite part) was to choose which shade to paint it, this was going to determine the colour scheme of the whole bathroom project so I had to think long and hard.  My heart was saying Kitchen Scale but my head was saying Shutter Gray, I must have been having a sensible day as I went with my head and painted it Shutter Gray (promising myself the next project will definitely be Kitchen Scale)
I gave her 2 coats of Shutter Gray, because I had used the paint remover and sanded over the entire piece, the wood was also old and the whole thing was pretty absorbent so I knew I wouldn't get any chipping, so I decided to glaze this piece.  I added Typewriter to the remaining Shutter Gray paint I had and mixed in some Polyvine Scumble to make the glaze, I slapped it all over (one section at a time) and then rubbed it straight off with a dry cloth,  It was the exact look I was after as it stayed in all the crevices, giving it dimension and an aged  feel - gorgeous!


I wondered if  was pushing my luck to try and create the same effect on the MDF bath panel the carpenter who fitted my bathroom made for me.... but it worked beautifully and I now have a matching bath panel and vanity unit! I'm so pleased with the end result.  I now need to finish decorating and add all the finishing touches.
Bye for now