Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Quick Coffee Table Makeover with 'Kitchen Scale' Milk Paint

I have had this little coffee table hanging around for ages - I knew it would be a very quick job to turn around once the wobbly leg was fixed - and in  fact once I actually got around to it fixing the leg was easy and I managed to do it in-between other jobs one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago.
So with lovely new strong legs - I set to work with my favorite Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint colout - 'Kitchen Scale' it's such a great colour - not too bright and has that lovely vintage muted tone, I would describe the colour as a soft 'Teal'  shade.
Kitchen Scale really looks great against dark wood when it has that great 'chippy' affect - it really does  look like its been around for years and has chipped and faded over time.
When painting anything with legs - tables or chairs - I always turn them upside down for the first  coat - by doing this  - once you turn it back upright you can easily see if you have missed any bits - and cover those with your next coat.
I have found these amazing sanding pads on eBay - they are 'super' fine, and great for rounded surfaces like legs - so much better than a stiff sheet of sand paper as they gently fold around the surface giving a really even finish - using them leaves the paint so smooth.  
and for my next little tip!... - I then dust off the sanded paint dust using these 'micro fibre' cloths - they are 'cheap as chips' and really clean away all the dust so quickly - leaving it beautifully clear ready for the Hemp Oil! 

Lots more Milk Paint projects in the pipeline!


  1. Ooh sorry I didn't see this sooner. This colour is gorgeous CJ and I love it against the darker colour of the wood.

  2. I love the coffee table and what you have done with it, and how you styled it.