Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Vintage Carved Cabinet Overhaul

I got this cabinet from an antiques fair, it was sturdy and had "good bones" although there were a few little issues which I thought would fix easily, the main problem was the missing trim...but it soon became a major overhaul!


There was sticky vinyl paper stuck on the shelves which peeled off very easily, however it left a sticky residue which turned into a royal pain in the rear.  You can not paint over the stickiness as the paint won't adhere.  I used a product called "HG Sticker Remover" it is a chemical based product, which I don't like to use but I had no option. It dissolved the stickiness to an even stickier mess and I ended up scrubbing the shelves with fairy liquid and a kitchen scourer under the hot tap, thank goodness the shelves were removable! In future I will definitely avoid ANYTHING with sticky vinyl paper - be warned my friends you don't want to go there! 

For the missing trim issue I decided to try making a mould and cast a replacement using 'Fimo' Although it wasn't perfect it was perfectly fine once painted and I would definitely do this again. The pictures below show the 2 spots where the trim was missing.



Here's what I used and what the cast looked like, I made up the actual replacement trim in brown Fimo, and just stuck it in place with wood glue.  Looks a bit messy but once painted...

You'd be hard pushed to notice.
Issue No. 3 was the top, it was not sitting tightly on the base.  It had just been nailed on, so in my wisdom I thought it would be a 5 minute job to whip it off and re-nail it back on!  Not this time - there were hidden nails, bent nails and nails that went nowhere??? So it was out with my trusty drill and screws, which meant a lot more filling and sanding on the top, but at least I have a nice neatly fitting super strong top now.
Quite a transformation from the above picture, all thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint! I used Ash on the outside a dark charcoal grey and to contrast I chose Cathedral Taupe, which is a greyish beige, I think they pair together really well, what do you think?

I'm very pleased after all the hard work how this turned out, it's such a great piece of furniture and would be perfect for so many rooms in the house.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pretty French Bedside Table

Inglenook was one of the first colours I tried in the Fusion Mineral Paint range (Coal Black being the first - you can see my first Fusion Project here.) Every time I have used Inglenook since,  each piece has sold very quickly and this pretty little bedside was no exception.
On our last trip to France I had a Bedside Table frenzy! and ended up with 7! so you may see a few more over the coming weeks!  I think this one was my favourite of the 7 as it was so dainty - in perfect condition and a perfect size for someone with a small space to fill.
I wiped her down with sugar soap to remove any grease and dust, very lightly rubbed over with medium grit sandpaper, and after 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Inglenook she was transformed.

And...yes you guessed, she sold within a couple of days. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Painted French Bedside Table

I picked this bedside table up on my last trip to France - It's got a little bit of a quirky leg - all the legs are firm and the whole table is sturdy but the front left leg sits at a slight angle - looks likes she's about to do a curtsy!!
I wanted to try out a new Fusion Mineral Paint colour - Litchen which I have bought to paint a chest of drawers in my guest bedroom. If you have followed my blog for a while you'll know I love green, I wanted a lovely soft muted green and Litchen is exactly the colour I was after, I will share the chest of drawers once that is finished.

Here's the before pic, which I nearly missed as I had already started painting the drawer - nothing new for me - I'm always so eager to get cracking with the prepping and painting!
I didn't distress this piece straight away after painting - I got a bit distracted so when I finally got around to working on her again a few days later, I was concerned it was not going to work out how I wanted, but I was pleased this was not the case, and I managed to get some nicely distressed edges using some medium grit sandpaper.
I'm looking forward to using this colour again in my guest room - I have some fabric lined up for cushions which picks out the lovely sagey green of the Litchen - Fusion Mineral Paint.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Fusion Mineral Paint Chiffonier

After about 2 years collecting dust in the garage I finally got around to painting this chiffonier,  I don't know why it took me so long to get cracking with it as it is an absolutely lovely piece of furniture, the detail is very appealing with the lovely barley twist side bars and the stunning ornate carving on the top.

Once I got it into my workshop, cleaned it up and prepped it, I knew straight away I wanted to use a very dark grey/charcoal colour.  Having previously used Fusion Mineral Paint "Coal Black" I thought I would try "Ash" - this is more charcoal and not absolutely pitch black, to offset the dark exterior I painted the inside with Cathedral Taupe, which was a great combination.

The secret drawer had a lovely wooden edge with a really gorgeous patina so I chose not to paint it, which worked really well.

Amazingly this piece sold within 20 mins! - Definitely one of my favourite projects to date.
 Think I'll go and check out what else is in the garage!


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Juniper & Roses Re-Brands to Olive & Maud

Olive & Maud, Vintage Painted Furniture, West Sussex

For some time now I have been working on my "Re-Brand" -There are a few personal reasons for the change, but I mainly wanted to have a name which had a personal connection and meaning and at the same time be relevant to what I do - so Juniper & Roses has evolved into OLIVE & MAUD!

Olive was my Nan and Maud was her best friend and my God-Mother. Maud lived with my Grandparents when I was a little girl and together Olive & Maud were a very happy and funny pair of friends, I have very fond memories of them both.
I hope you will wish me well as I build my brand as OLIVE & MAUD and continue with my furniture painting and love of vintage home styling.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Armoire Make Over

Vintage painted furniture, Armoire, West Sussex

I spotted this beauty on our local facebook selling pages - I could instantly see the potential, although it was being used in a bedroom, I just thought it was so versatile - would be great in a dining room a hallway or in a large bathroom

It originally came from the USA and the maker was Ethan Allen - which is a very 'high end' furniture store!  This was evident as it was so well made, the wood is beautiful and little additional details like hidden castors under the feet to make it easy to move around.

I removed the sections from the top shelf as I thought this made it more usable for it's 'new life' I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and painted the whole thing with Paris Grey and picked out the inside of the cupboard with Old White to give it some contrast.  The whole thing is finished with Polyvine Decorators Varnish.
This project was a lot more labour intensive than I thought it would be and I have to say I was very pleased to finish it. It is now for sale at Lovingly Made in Copthorne, RH19 2QQ.

Bye for now

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tallboy Transformation

I was given this chest of drawers a few weeks ago, it was in need of some TLC, new handles and some colour!  Its a great solid piece of furniture, it has a beautiful curved front which I love, but I needed to choose new handles carefully because of the curve.
I decided to go with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Provence and plenty of dark wax, I also did some arty farty paint splashes to give it an aged worn feel.

 I really love these handles, they are new but look like old ones, they are antique bass which just picks out the brass on the key holes on each drawer, I'm a sucker for detail so they are perfect for me.
I don't often say this - but the finished piece looks better in real life than it does in the photos, it's probably because my photography is not up to scratch, but all in all this could not have turned out better, I'm very pleased with the finished result.
You may well see this colour again very soon.
Bye for now