Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mixing Milk Paint Colours

I was given this old chest of drawers - which was in desperate need of some TLC - it had several layers of old oil based paint - a lot of dirt & grime and very stiff drawers - I could barely pull them in or out!

That being said it was a good shape and the wood was solid with no splits or gouges plus I do like a challenge!.  I sanded the top and drawer fronts, the rest I cleaned thoroughly with sugar soap and A LOT of elbow grease.
For the drawer fronts I custom mixed 3 parts Grainsack 1 part Eulalies Sky and a little Trophy to give it a little more 'muted' tone, the base sides and top were just straight Grainsack - I love the way I got some natural crackle on the top - just gives it that 'old, used look'.  After finishing the entire piece with MMS Hemp Oil, I added a little MMS Antiquing Wax in strategic places to give a little more aged effect.
I recycle the handles from an old piece of furniture I was given - I love this style of handle - not very pretty but rustic and vintage - all in all I'm really pleased with the transformation - and as if by magic the drawers seem to work fine now - I think she was just after some attention!

I have a few more ideas of MMS colours I would like to mix together which of course I will share with you when I find the perfect projects.