Sunday, 8 February 2015

1st Fusion Mineral Paint Project

For some time now I have been wanting to try out the new paint line from Homestead House Paint Company - the company that manufacture Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, unfortunately it's not available to buy in the UK so I ordered a selection of colours from Goedele Francois at Old Red Barn in Belgium.

The packaging and branding looks really classy, and the paint is fabulous - feels like thick smooth cream - it dries very quickly although it is recommended that you leave 12 hours before applying further coats.  The paint is acrylic based, is very low in VOC's as it contains a lot of natural ingredients.  Very little prep work is required although for shiny or pre finished surfaces it is advisable to lightly sand your surface before painting.  You don't need to add a top coat unless you want a particular finish as it is all incorporated in the paint, the finish is beautifully matt - not at all chalky. These are the colours in the line.

I have had this chest of drawers/dresser for a number of years - I have always loved the wood, the castors and the lovely curly detail at the bottom. 
As the top has some holes where it would originally have had a mirror or some sort of shelf attached, I thought the best course of action would be to paint it - this way I could fill the holes and paint over them so no-one would ever know they had ever been there!
I used some dowels to plug up the holes, sticking them in with glue, I made sure they were a nice snug fit in the holes, I then used wood filler to cover over the gaps.
The front of the drawers had a lovely walnut veneer finish - the lacquer was peeling and looked dull, so I very carefully and lightly sanded the drawer fronts - removing all the lacquer, I then masked off the walnut veneered fronts, just leaving the edges clear for painting. - I knew straight away that Coal Black was going to give this piece a dramatic and sophisticated look so I painted everything except the walnut veneer - once I removed the masking tape I massaged some Hemp Oil into the drawer fronts where I had sanded, this rejuvenated the look of the veneer giving it an amazing patina and a fabulous contrast with the Coal Black Fusion Mineral Paint.

The paint covered over the filled holes on the top beautifully.   I gave the piece just 2 coats of paint then lightly distressed all the edges with fine sandpaper then finished with some hemp oil over the paint as well as the drawer fronts.

I'm really pleased with the finish and I'm looking forward to using the other colours I ordered, the paint is lovely to use gives an amazing finish and has a great range of colours.
Bye for now


  1. I haven't heard of this paint, but I like the sound of it.
    A company called Websters (I think) wanted to send me a powder to turn any water based paint into chalk paint. I was intrigued and it's the only company I considered talking to, but so far, they haven't sent me any samples and that was before Christmas.
    The cabinet looks great, I love the mix of the wood with the black paint.

  2. What a gorgeous piece of furniture, you've done a great job CJ

    1. Thank you Lez - I'm getting back in the groove now and enjoying every minute of it!

  3. Love the combo of the black with the walnut veneer. You really updated this piece and made it look gorgeous!

  4. I'll have to try this paint. Thanks for the information!