Friday, 28 February 2014

Trophy & Apron Strings Milk Paint Bureau

This bureau was given to me last Autumn by a very dear friend who was clearing lots of furniture from his parents house - lucky me - I will have more pieces to show at a later date!
The outside is painted in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - 'Trophy' (one of  the  colours of the month for March) and the inside with 'Apron Strings'  - now, I love the vibrant pinky coral of 'Apron Strings' but I don't have that perfect piece to paint at present  - so I went for the next best thing which was to have it inside this 'cute' bureau.
I also painted the drawer knobs with 'Apron Strings' and decoupaged some filigree card over the top and painted it with 'Trophy' to bring it all together.
I completely forgot to take a 'before' picture, however I did take a few shots as I prepared it ready for painting, which gives you an idea of what it looked like before.  I took out the 'cubby hole' section  to make it easier to paint, I just eased out the pins which were holding it in place and it slid out nicely.
This is how I painted the narrow side edges - I feathered in towards the inside, and got a lovely clean line between the two paint colours, no spots or splodges at all!
Once I applied two coats of each colour, I gave it a generous coat of hemp oil, you can see here the difference it makes when you apply the hemp oil, it brings the colour and the paint to 'life'!

I didn't add any bonding agent as I was open to any chipping that may happen... which actually didn't happen, but as I only applied two thin coats I did get a lovely 'worn' look and you can almost see the wood grain through the Milk Paint - a look you can really only get with Milk Paint.
After giving the hemp oil a good buffing, I have decided I am going to ponder on whether I want to add the white wax onto the 'Trophy' to give it all a little bit of a faded  look - I will leave the inside just with the hemp oil, as I love the vibrancy that 'pops' out when you open the drawers or front cover.
All in all I think these two colours really compliment each other and it's given me lots of ideas for pairing together some of the other colours in the MMSMP line - so many lovely colours!
CJ, Juniper & Roses
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  1. oooo, HUGE girly squeals!!! This is amazing! I just LOVE the pop of colour with Apron Strings inside. Such a beautiful contrast and combination. I am going to share this on my Facebook page. I hope you posted this one on MMS Furniture Feature Friday today! It needs to be shown off.

  2. Gorgeous! Great colour combination.

    1. Thank you Jane - it's got my imagination working on other colour combination I could try.

  3. This is gorgeous! love the color combination on. I painted an antique spinet desk black and a similar salmon color inside and I love the pop it adds when you open the piece. It's fun and unexpected!

  4. Ooooh love that grey and coral combo!

    1. Thanks Jo - I'm pleased how it looks and love the brightness of the coral against the grey.

  5. I agree with everyone above, the colour combination is really lovely and it looks so beautifully finished, as always.

  6. What a great piece and a pretty color combination!

  7. Really a great job! I love the colors you used and the pop of orange/coral is gorgeous!
    Hello from Be Inspired Tues.
    Leelee @ paperbagstyling

  8. I LOVE the unexpected pop of color on the inside! Love it!!

    Kelly from