Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Painted French Bedside Table

I picked this bedside table up on my last trip to France - It's got a little bit of a quirky leg - all the legs are firm and the whole table is sturdy but the front left leg sits at a slight angle - looks likes she's about to do a curtsy!!
I wanted to try out a new Fusion Mineral Paint colour - Litchen which I have bought to paint a chest of drawers in my guest bedroom. If you have followed my blog for a while you'll know I love green, I wanted a lovely soft muted green and Litchen is exactly the colour I was after, I will share the chest of drawers once that is finished.

Here's the before pic, which I nearly missed as I had already started painting the drawer - nothing new for me - I'm always so eager to get cracking with the prepping and painting!
I didn't distress this piece straight away after painting - I got a bit distracted so when I finally got around to working on her again a few days later, I was concerned it was not going to work out how I wanted, but I was pleased this was not the case, and I managed to get some nicely distressed edges using some medium grit sandpaper.
I'm looking forward to using this colour again in my guest room - I have some fabric lined up for cushions which picks out the lovely sagey green of the Litchen - Fusion Mineral Paint.

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