Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I'm Back - Painting Again!

Its been over a year since I last shared a project on my blog.  Lots has happened - some good some not so good, but I am happy I have dusted off my paint brushes and finally got around to painting and posting.
My before picture is not good so apologies for that, but after a couple of coats of Autentico - 'Gris',  contrasting deeper grey inside the top part of the cabinet and some different knobs, this was the perfect piece to get me 'back in the saddle' (I'm also lovin' the castors - which were all in perfect condition,)

Staging and styling my finished pieces always gives me a great deal of pleasure and as I haven't done it for long time I was racing around the house looking for interesting pieces which would look right, it didn't take long before I had gathered up some items which were relevant to the pieces and the right colour.

 This little coffee table was a chunky waxed pine, a little on the golden yellow shading - I knocked it about a bit to give it a rustic feel, then stained the top in dark oak and painted the bottom in Autentico 'Pebbles'

All in all I'm very pleased, both items are now for sale at  Lovingly Made Vintage Store - Copthorne
Bye for now...


  1. Great to see you back Carol. Your work is as beautiful as ever.mi particularly like the chunky table.