Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bamboo Chairs Makeover

I picked up these bamboo chairs a couple of weeks ago - and thought to myself  'a nice quick makeover job' - plus I haven't done any upholstery for a few years now and have quite a few projects waiting to be upholstered and it will get me back into 'the groove'!

Of course I should have remembered - when you think it's going to be a nice quick job - it never is!
I can't believe I looked at all those dark 'criss-crossy' bits and thought I was going get them painted in next to no time!

I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - Shutter Gray with bonding agent - and I think I did 4 coats in the end - to be honest I lost count and it was difficult to see where I was in the process on each coat - I tried to be methodical but there were just too many pieces which looked the same, and slanted in the same direction!  I finished with 2 coats of Polyvine Decorators Varnish - with a 'dead flat' finish - this will give the paint plenty of protection especially if they are going to be used in a conservatory where temperatures get pretty hot.  The dead flat finish gives no sheen at all and so retains the integrity of the paint finish - I use this product a lot - its great for protecting from water splashes as well.

In my rush to get back into upholstery I clean forgot to take any photos of the process! - I took off the old fabric and the foam underneath was turning to powder so I replaced the foam as well. I covered both chairs in a piece of Vintage French Linen - and I was so lucky I just managed to eek it out to cover both chairs. I use a Stanley electric staple gun - which is great for this kind of project.
I love the new fresh look - and I really enjoyed upholstering them - so there will be more upholstery projects coming your way from this blog!
Do you like my twisted topiary bay tree? - I treated myself - I have been meaning to get one for ages now - I just love the look of them!


  1. Love the bay tree and the lead planter. I've got a large bay tree in my garden, but it just looks like a large bush, I wish I'd managed to train it somehow.
    The chairs were definitely worth the effort but I can easily see why they took so long. I've had that problem on simpler chairs, when you don't know how many coats you've done where. That shade is really pretty and I love Polyvine dead flat. I often put it on a piece, then wax it, it seems easier that way.

  2. Love! I am searching for chairs like this to go around my dining room table. Nice to know you were able to find a vintage pair to restore. I wasn't sure if that style was new (I see it all the catalogs) or vintage-inspired. I'll be on the hunt. Thanks for sharing. ~Christina

  3. I love the look of a painted bamboo chair! I was also excited to see that you used Shutter Gray on them. I'm about to start painting a dresser and was thinking of using this color, but wasn't sure. After seeing how pretty the color is on your chairs though, I think I'm definitely going to go for it!

  4. Beautiful chairs, the paint and upholstery, both. Love the bay tree, too.