Monday, 4 February 2013

1st Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Project

Its been a long time... and lots has happened - I moved house at the beginning of December * note to self - never move house again in December!.
Also I now have a live website selling Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, and I am excited as to where my journey will lead.
I have also been on the most amazing course - Preparing to Run Your Own Business, through the Prince's Trust - PRIME - Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise. I have learnt so much and have put together a business plan - something I would never have been able to attempt if I hadn't attended the course. I met some amazing people and I'm looking forward to putting all I have learnt into practise!
Anyway, it's long overdue but here is my first Milk paint project, I chose the colour 'Typewriter' after a long time deliberating, my choice was based on the fact I had to keep the wood grain showing on this piece, it is so beautiful I just could not bring myself to paint over it, although I hadn't even noticed it until I had sanded off the old lacquer that was on it - it had started to bubble and crack, this is why I got the sander out, after I sanded it I left it in my dining room for a couple of days and the beautiful wood grain jumped out at me every time I looked at it, so I decided  - it would be Typewriter and Hemp Oil for this project. 
Here she is before:

You can see from the pictures, inside there was fake leatherette which I really didn't like and I was a little undecided as to what I would do with it. Anyway in the end I took the plunge and ripped it off! underneath was old glue, so I gently rubbed it back with wire wool and the gorgeous wood grain was inside the 'drop down' front door too.  To add a finishing touch I added some little brass labels on the pigeon holes, which i really like.

The Milk Paint just gave a little bit of 'chippyness' but in the right places and the Hemp Oil really brought the wood grain to life, it really is so smooth and such a gorgeous rich colour. I was really very pleased how it turned out. 
Now working out which Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colour I will choose for my next project.
Bye for now


  1. Looks beautiful! I haven't tried typewriter yet. Black can be so intimidating, but it worked out great on this piece.

    Goedele from Old Red Barn
    Belgian retailer for MMS Milk Paint

  2. What a darling piece!!! I'm envious.
    So glad you saved the wood grain instead of painting over all of it.
    This looks as if it would be very high priced in a catalog. You are so talented and intuitive....I'm envious, again!

  3. I am visiting from MMS's where your project is featured. I just wanted to comment on what a beautiful and detailed job you have done on this little desk. The typewriter paint is the perfect compliment to that beautiful wood grain. The end result is truly a high-end piece of furniture. Nice job!

  4. Beautifully done, Carol!! Love it!

  5. Hi CJ! I found you through your comment on my blog, q is for quandie ... and as I was perusing your blog it seemed like kismet when I saw this post. I am just looking at a similar desk on craigslist and wondering how hard it would be to paint the inside. All those cubby holes and whatnot. I just bought some of Miss Mustard Seed's "Trophy" though, and think the desk would be perfect for it. So ... how hard was it? Your desk looks totally fab and has inspired me to go for it. Thanks!

    1. Hi - it was fiddly but I took it to bits so was able to hold it and turn it around as I was painting - it did dismantle and go back together easily. I have another one similar I will be painting soon and I shall probably take it apart too, good luck I cant wait to see yours - I love your work & your blog - we have very similar tastes!